We requested Paul to come as an interpreter for an exhibition visit to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) conference in Anaheim. It was a sudden request right before the exhibition, but we were glad that he was able to accept it. It had been decades since we last visited the Los Angeles area. Since we expected the environment at the airport and exhibition venue to have changed considerably since then, and since we weren't confident in our English ability, we were quite worried about how to get from the airport and deal with exhibition reception procedures. Despite all of this, Paul welcomed us at the arrival floor of the airport to pick us up and helped us smoothly go through the exhibition reception procedures. Thanks to Paul's help, we were able to visit more places than we expected on the first day of the exhibition! He was a very nice interpreter and he was a pleasure to talk with. Thank you very much!

Mitsunori Fujioka
Owner, Enfini CustomWorks

Paul has a dedicated, active, and genial presence in the translating community in Japan. Paul and I have worked side-by-side on Japanese-to-English translation projects and also worked together on the organizing committee for a one-day translation conference (PROJECT Nagoya) held in 2011. In these collaborations, I have found Paul's ability to translate accurately and quickly impressive (even when the heat is turned right up), and his willingness to step forward and take on the work that needs doing admirable. On a personal level, I always find Paul to be refreshingly down to earth.

Stuart Ayre
Japanese-to-English Freelance Legal Translator, experience at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

I met and worked with Paul during his first year at ECC. He always demonstrated a desire to understand students' needs and help them meet their learning goals. He also made a clear effort to regularly communicate and maintain good relations with both staff and fellow teachers. His interest in and strong knowledge of Japanese language and culture, made him a natural fit for translation work following his teaching tenure. Knowing his attention to detail and professional attitude, I believe he would be an asset to any employer or client in need of his services.

Matt Haswell
Assistant Director of International Undergraduate Admissions, University of Tulsa